Executive director

Jean P. Alexander, emigrated to the US in 1971 from Trinidad & Tobago, unaware of the obstacles she faced as an immigrant.

After graduating from the Borough of Manhattan Community College in 1976, she went on to attend Baruch & Hunter Colleges. In 1986, Ms. Alexander told a friend about her struggles upon her initial arrival in NYC. The following year, CACNY was founded and opened its doors to the public.

As one of the founders, Ms Alexander serves as Executive Director of the Caribbean American Center of New York, Inc. (CACNY) without a salary or stipend!

During this time, Jean also served as the Director of Marketing , Special Events, Media, Public Relations and Executive Secretary for the West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA), after joining as a “volunteer member” in 1976. WIADCA is the producer of one of North America’s largest cultural Festivals – the West Indian Labor Day Carnival Parade on Brooklyn’s Eastern Parkway.

Ms. Alexander has received dozens of awards, including: the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Award for Community Service from former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Jean is also a member of many Boards. Mayor Michael Bloomberg appointed Ms. Alexander to the Board of Trustees of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum.

Jean has not only raised and educated her five children, but she has forged a “volunteer career” of her own and has devoted over 45 years of her professional and personal energies to promoting her Caribbean Culture and giving back to the needy by providing guidance, mentoring, counseling and countless opportunities for immigrants and minorities. Ms Alexander lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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